Gold and mosaic earrings and brooch

A fine antique pair of earrings and a matching brooch in 18 carat gold, set with Roman mosaics composed of little glass bricks, called tesserae. Perhaps as a souvenir from a Grand tour, these colourful mosaics were set into a very wearable demi-parure. The original 19th century box is included.

boxed mosaic set earrings brooch mosaic Rome

This set is an example of the Egyptian archaeological revival style. The mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt became very popular in jewellery in the period the Suez Canal was constucted, and archaeological artifacts were filling museums. The winged scarab was associated with the divine manifestation of the early morning sun Khepri, because the beetle rolls it’s egg ball along the ground, like the Egyptian god pushes the sun across the sky. Since the young scarab emerges out of a dung egg ball placed in the ground the year before, the scarab appears in tomb gifts and hieroglyphs as a symbol for resurrection or rebirth.

Period           Ca. 1870 the mosaic is Italian in origin
Material        750/1000
Size                Brooch 45 x 21 mm Earrings 45 x 13 mm
Weight          19,1 grams
Condition     Very good


mosaic set box

We offer high quality pieces of jewellery and silverware in excellent condition. Antiques and vintage items may show mild wear. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question. We are pleased to send you additional information regarding the above piece, Ref.Nr: AI 1432

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