A gold and enamelled cross by Falize

Falize pendant

Diamondset cross with Indian and Persian style flowers, in translucent cloisonné enamel on a cream opaque enamelled ground. The floral motifs are highlighted by ‘paillons’ applied beneath the translucent red, vivid blue and green enamel. Counter-enamel in opaque royal blue. Reversible locket in the centre.

The most glorious master of the Falize dynasty of  jewelers was Lucien Falize. He drew much of his inspiration from the study of nature, the Orient and ancient civilizations and he was recognized for his technical masterpieces. His display at the 1878 Exposition Universelle in Paris earned him the Grand Prix.

See ‘Falize, A Dynasty of Jewellers’ by Katherine Purcell, pages 216, 222, 258 and 259 for a similarly decorated  hand mirror, box, bracelet and brooch  by Lucien Falize.

  • Period :       Paris, circa 1880
  • Marks:        French Tete d’Aigle & bigornes and a part of a lozenge shaped makersmark, the initials AF, diveded by a larger X.
  • Material :   750/1000 gold, rosecut diamonds and enamel
  • Size :            93 x 58 mm
  • Weight :      32,2 grams
  • Condition : Very good. 1 chip on top of the blue counter-enamel

gold enamelled button and cross by Lucien Falize Falize backsideFalize enamel box

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